Easy Switch


Wireless one-button switch can be placed anywhere where it is the most convenient

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Easy Switch is a one button remote control switch, provides wireless control of your lights and electronic devices connected to Brenin system.

It can be mounted on any surface – wood, glass, concrete, allowing you to control your lights and electronics from the place where it is most comfortable for you.
Install it near the bed to switch the light off before sleep, or put it at the entrance door to switch all the lights and electronics off with one push before you leave home.





Absolutely no wires.
Super easy installation! Simply mount the Easy Switch on the surface and pair it with any Brenin device in just two clicks. It can control multiple devices simultaneously.

Easy Switch is a perfect partner to the Mount Switch, Bulb and Easy Socket.



Channels 1 channel (can send 1 unique command)Can control any number of devices simultaneously
Code Chance of repetition one over seventeen million
Range 70 meters (depends on area conditions)
Battery 1 x 12V, 23A
Frequency 433.92 Mhz


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