Lampholder controls the light on command from the remote or the switch

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Bulb provides remote control of your home lights, allowing to switch each lamp individually.

You’ll be able to remotely turn lights on and off, set working schedules and rules using the Aide I remote control. Settle the lights to turn ON during twilight and OFF at night. Or set it to go ON and OFF randomly when you’re away to simulate the effect of presence. Or make the lights respond to your actions by pairing the Bulb with our sensors.





Super easy installation! Simply screw the Bulb into your standard lamp holder, screw the lamp into the Bulb and then pair it with any controller in just two clicks.

The Bulb can be paired to up to 10 different devices at the same time.
It is a perfect partner to Easy Switches, Sensors, Aide remote controls.

Fits any lamp with the E27 Edison screw.


Channels 10 channels memory (can store 10 unique commands);
Range 70 meters (depends on the use conditions)
Frequency 433. 92 Mhz
Bulb Е27
Power 230V / 100W


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