Aide Comfort


Simple and easy to use remote with ergonomic design




Adie Comfort is a simple remote control for Brenin system, designed especially for those who prefer the ease of use.
You can use Aide Comfort to control your environment with basic functionality, or use as a supplementary to Aide I to have rich functionality and remote control in every room.
Just pair it with your Brenin devices in two clicks and you’re good to start enjoy the benefits of your home automation.

Adie Comfort does not require the direct sight of the devices to operate. You can control any of your home devices in other rooms through the walls.



It can control up to 16 devices independently. As many devices as you wish may be pared to each channel for simultaneous control.
It is a perfect partner to Mount Switch, Easy Sockets, Bulbs.

With Aide Comfort all the house electric devices are in your hand.


Channel 16 channel (can send 16 unique command)Can control any number of devices simultaneously
Code Chance of repetition one over seventeen million
Range 70 meters (depends on area conditions)
Functions Switch On/Off all the paired devices
Battery 2 x 1.5V AAA
Frequency 433. 92 Mhz



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