About us

Looking for the way to improve your home convenience and security? Want to control your lights and electronic devices sitting on the couch or from any place in the world? Think you’re paying too much for electricity?  

Brenin gives you the solutions you need!

Brenin is a young brand, established in 2013 in United Kingdom, by a team of designers and engineers, inspired by the home automation idea.

At Brenin it is our mission and passion to create products that make people’s life more easy and comfortable. We aim to use our knowledge and experience in design, technology and manufacturing to make great looking, reliable quality and up to date technologies products, targeting to make them as easy to set up and operate as possible.

Our products is a modular system, that includes a range of wireless elements of power supply control, interior lighting, security and power management products, which may be freely combined at customers’ will.The system may not only be installed and set up with no help of a professional, but also the new elements may be added by the user himself at any time.