Quick installation, which even a child can handle

Easy to re-setup

If you decide to change the settings after the setup – there’s no problem! It will take not longer than 5 minutes


Take all the system with you when moving to a new flat.


No wire installation, no need to drill or groove to install the system.

System advantage








Dimm Bulb

buldInstall the Bulbs into the wall bras and control them remotely together or even separately. Connect them to the Motion Sense or Open Sense in the corridor, so the lights go On automatically as you enter. Moreover Dimm Bulb helps to control the light brightness to set the perfect atmosphere.

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Open Sense

OPEN-SENSEIt may be installed on the entrance door,on the closet door. The light automatically goes  on when you open the door and goes on after a while. You wouldn’t have to search for the light switch in the dark again. Or it may be installed on the window, paired with the Easy Socket, so the heater goes on when you open the window.

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Motion Sense

Motion-sense-white1It’s absolutely wireless and may be mounted on any surface – glass, wallpapers, wall paint, concrete, etc. Install it in the corridor, so the lights work only when there’s someone in. Motion Sense also has the light sensor, to it may be settled to work all the time, in twinlight or night only. It helps to save power as the light wouldn’t  work idle anymore.

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Easy Socket

socketUsing it with any device let’s you to control it work remotely. Use it with the floor lamp, so you will not have to search for the switch on the floor again. Plug the heater through Easy Socket and set set it work according to your comfortable temperature range via the Aide I remote control. Connect all essential devices through Easy Socket and turn them all off with a push of a button when you leave home. You’ll never go home to check if you forgot to switch off the iron again.

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Aide I - LCD Remote control


Aide I is not just a remote control, it is the brain of the system. It allows to program the paired devices to work according to your schedule and habits. Set the climate devices to prepare the comfortable temperature before you come. Set the lights to wake you up in the morning and automatically go off after you left the room.

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Built-in switch - Mount Switch


It replaces your regular wall switch and allows to control the room celling lights remotely with one of Aide RCs or sensor.


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Wireless switch - Easy Switch

Easy-Switch-whiteIt’s absolutely wireless and may be mounted on any surface — glass, wallpapers, wall paint, concrete, etc. Perfect solution for corridors or staircases if used with Mount Switch. Just change your regular switch with Mount Switch, install the Easy Switch on the other side and you’re done. You can turn On the light when you enter and turn it off on the other side when you leave. No trenches, no repairment.

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Aide Charm remote control

Aide-Charm-1Aide Charm – smallest and most simple remote control. Specially designed to be there where you need it. May be carried as a keychain to switch all the lights and devices off when you leave the flat and turn them all back when you come back.

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Motion Sense - Outdoor

sensIt is specially designed for outdoor use. Use i with tree lights, fountaine and they will work only when someone is nearby. It is also eauiped with light sensor, so it can be set to work all the time or in twilight or at night only. By switching off the devices when noone is aroung it helps to save power significantly.


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Easy Socket - Outdoor

Easy-socket-outdoor-black1Great to use with garden and tree lights, fountains and irregation systems. It was specially designed for outdoor use. Pair it to the Motion sensor and the outdoor lights, fountains and decorations will work only when you’re near, saving the power. Connect the irrigation system with it and set the working schedules on Aide I so the garden will be watered automatically.

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Use the bulbs in the garage lamps paired with Motion sense, so the lights will go On automatically when the car enters. Our connect it to the road lamp and turn on manually with Aide Charm when you need it.


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“Brenin is a system you install yourself. It can control electric devices, detect motions, react to the changes of temperature, perform schedules and many more. Connected-home devices are still rather new and most of them are too expensive for households on a budget. But Brenin is within reach of most homeowners. There are no monthly charges, plus you can easily install it yourself.


Getting started with Brenin is simple. You plug couple devices in your network, connect them to you control device and you’re done. There’s no need to drag wires or make renovation, most of the devices are ready to work just out of the box.

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